Strong Bikini Mom - Media Pic - Home Lower Body WorkoutThe gym is my “Me Time” where I get an hour to rest my mind and escape from the chaos life throws at you.  It’s not about being selfish, it’s about allowing yourself to regenerate, reflect and re-focus.  When you exercise regularly, your body releases a chemical called Endorphins that helps reduce the feeling of pain and triggers a positive feeling throughout the body.  If you’re feeling down, experiencing aches and pains, try regular exercise at least three times a week.  It can be any activity you enjoy – just move and stay active!

Having a strong core, back, glutes and quads are also important for overall body mechanics.  As the body ages, strength training improves balance and coordination; that in turn prevents falls that could lead to fracture so it’s never too late to start strength training.  I started when I turned 40 and I workout with my mom who’s in her late 60’s; she squats as much as I can!

My preference is to workout at the gym because it’s quick and efficient.  However, when I can’t get to the gym, I modify my workouts with basic equipment that I have at home.  It’s easy anyone can do this!


One of my lower body regimens requires the use of the barbell squat rack, free weights, the leg press, leg extension and leg curl machines.  Here’s a list of the equipment you’ll need to perform these exercises from home:

  • Kids – use them as weights.  They’ll love it.
  • Dumb Bells
  • Chair for support
  • Resistance Bands
  • Yoga Ball
  • Yoga Mat

Before you begin, note that “Supersets” are when you have two different exercises.  The second one is performed immediately after the first one without rest.  After both exercises are performed, rest 60 seconds before repeating the set.

1)  3 Sets of the following Superset:
a. 15 Standing Kick Backs (use mini-bands* for added resistence)
b. 15 Standing Abductor Lift (use mini-bands for added resistance)

Here’s the video for Standing Kick Backs.  For Standing Abductor Lifts simply stand feet together with the resistance bands still around your ankles and lift leg up sideways.


*Note: Mini-Bands can be purchased from any retailer that sells fitness equipment.  I bought mine cheap from

2)  4 Sets of 8 Reps of Barbell Back Squats:
Our kids love to workout with us.  My daughter weighs 65lbs. which is the perfect weight for what I had to accomplish.  She sat on my shoulders with her feet hooked behind my back and held my hands for support. Perform each squat at a slow speed for max resistance.

If you don’t have kids or they aren’t heavy enough, you can also substitute the Barbell Back Squat for Dumb Bell Squats.



3) 2 Sets of the following Superset:
a. 20 Reps of Glute Bridge (using Bands just above the knees for extra resistance)
b. 10 Reps of Leg Press using Dumb Bells against the wall instead of the Leg Press Machine.




4) 2 Sets of the following Superset:
a. 15 Reps of Leg Curls on the floor using dumb bells instead of using the Leg Curl Machine
b. 15 Reps of Leg Extensions; sit on a chair and use dumb bells, instead of using the Leg Extension Machine.




5) Hamstring Triple Threat Exercises using a Yoga Ball and Mat



Give this workout a try.  Comment below, If you want to see more workouts modified so you can do them at home.




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