It’s not a surprise that drinking water has so many benefits. According to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, the Food and Nutrition Board reports recommend that adults consume least 3-4L of water daily and 1-3L for children depending on their age.  Sources can come from water, beverages and food that’s high in water content.

Total Water Consumption (Daily Recommended Amounts)


Drinking WaterAs part of the Strong Girls Philosophy, it is SO important to hydrate. Combined with a calorie deficit diet and an effective exercise plan, it aids significantly in fat loss.  STRONG GIRLS drink the minimum daily dose of water and as much as 5-8L on heavy training days.


  1. Improves digestion – drinking warm or room temperature water during or after a meal helps digestion by helping to breakdown food so your body can absorb the nutrients.  It also helps prevent constipation.
  2. Flushes out toxins and fat – drinking lots of water helps the body flush out fat and waste toxins through urine.
  3. Eliminates any water retention and bloating – drinking more water improves your body’s ability to release water.
  4. Curbs Hunger – when you’re dehydrated the body sometimes translates “thirst” as “hunger”.  If your feeling hungry but you’re not due for your next meal, try drinking a glass of water instead.
  5. Water has no calories – try to avoid beverages with added calories, instead derive those calories from nutrient dense foods,
  6. Great for your complexion (OK this one’s not related to FAT LOSS and getting abs but who doesn’t want clear skin)

When I started with Coach JVB I was only drinking 1-2L/day so I had to work at increasing it to 3-4L/day.  By the time I was in contest prep I was drinking to 4-8L/day.  I was constantly going to the bathroom but I got used to it.  In the grand scheme of things it’s not that big of a deal.


  • Strong Girls/Athletes carry around a 1L refillable bottle of water everywhere, some carry a 4L jug and just finish the entire thing by the end of the day.
  • Start drinking the minute you wake-up and consume most of it before 6pm – trust me on this or you’ll be getting up to piss throughout the night like I did during contest prep.
  • Strong Girls/Athletes’ first glass of water is Lemon Water (warm-hot water with lemon juice  to stimulate our digestive system)
  • For the Math Geeks: 1L = 34oz. so 3L x 34oz = 102oz/day divided by 13 equals 8oz (rounded up) so about a glass an hour.  That’s not a lot!  I drank 1/4 of my water bottle every hour and filled up 3-4 times a day.
  • Drinking hot green tea helps to make you feel full and gives you energy it’s also a great substitute for coffee
  • Adding lemon slices gives it a bit of flavor and aids digestion
  • Avoid or limit drinking juice, pop or other beverages, just drink water.  The added calories will only slow down your progress.  Again, calories should be coming from consuming nutrient dense foods for maximum fat loss.


As a mom I want to make sure the kids are getting enough water too.   Babies tend to get enough from breastfeeding and/or formula.  Preschoolers would get it from drinking the minimum daily requirement of at least two-three cups of milk.

Kids’ Total Daily Water Requirements:

  • 4-8yrs. Old:  58oz or 1.7L (Girls & Boys)
  • 9-13yrs. Old:  71 oz. or 2.1L (Girls), 81 oz. or 2.4L (Boys)
  • 13-18yrs. Old:  79 oz. or 2.3L (Girls), 112oz or 3.3L (Boys)
Monkey See, Monkey Do.  If you lead by example and the kids will follow.
Monkey See, Monkey Do. Lead by example.

These are some things that I do to encourage my kids to drink enough water:

  • With breakfast, I offer milk or water
  • I send them to school with enough water for the day.  I bought Contigo water bottles for the kids from Costco but you can use any water bottles.  I like these because they hold 14oz. which is sufficient for my two little ones.  My older one has a 1L size.
  • Tell Kids how much they need to drink.  I show them the stats on the internet so they know mom’s not full of shit and just trying to make them do something they don’t need to do.
  • When they get home from school they fill their water bottles up again.  If they have it nearby there’s a better chance they’ll reach for it when they’re thirsty.
  • Kids’ aren’t perfect, I don’t expect them to be so I supplement with offering variety of fruits and vegetables, or soups (they love Japanese Miso soup).
  • I save their favorite beverage, Iced Tea for special occasions or their visits with Grandparents because they know they’re going to get it at their house (LOL).
  • Sometimes they compete to see who can drink the most and who’s pee is the clearest. (LOL- kids are hilarious).

What do you guys do to help kids drink their daily requirements?  Let me know by posting in the comments below..