Hi, my name is May!  I am a recent JVB Fitness and Nutrition Fat-Loss Success Story.  I lost the muffin-top that I had gained as a result of having three beautiful children and completely transformed my body.  To accomplish this goal, I decided to compete in my first IDFA Fitness Model Competition and to my surprise I placed fourth in the open age category and third in masters (age 40+).  I have NEVER had abs before EVER!  Coach JVB‘s proven method is effective and I am hooked onto the STRONG GIRLS’ lifestyle.

Like most mothers, I am time and sleep deprived due to work, family and commitments but was determined to lose the weight and get into the best shape of my life.  As a result I am healthier, have more energy, feel stronger and am better at managing the stress life throws my way.   Best of all my family has embraced the lifestyle change.  We make wiser food choices and have incorporated regular exercise into our daily routine.

I am passionate about inspiring other moms (& dads) to get back into shape and feel their best.  Read about my story, and follow my journey as I share daily inspiration, recipes, exercises and tips as I continue the STRONG GIRLS’ lifestyle.


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